Why Powerful Men Cheat?

Whenever someone asks the question, "Why do people cheat?" I usually answer "because they can". That's the entire thing in a nutshell. It's very true that some people have more of an opportunity to cheat than others. Men with great power top that list. Women are drawn to the big three: money, power, and respect. Powerful men usually have all three so women are drawn to them like moths to light. A powerful man struts through a sea of women daily who are just waiting for a chance to bed him and have their moment in the "dark". What else did Monica Lewinsky get from her act with former President Clinton besides bragging rights to say that she did the President? Power draws women giving powerful men not only the inclination but the opportunity to cheat.

Most powerful men have built empires through struggle and sacrifice. They are fierce competitors who are driven by their will to win. What greater trophy to hunt than beautiful women? After walking through the sea of women that are falling at their feet, they get quite intrigued with the one that isn't interested in their power, respect, or even their money. This drives the powerful man crazy because there is something he can't have. It's human nature for all of us to desire the thing we can't have. This quirk is intensified between powerful men and those women that play the cat and mouse game with them. He may not even really want the woman as much as he wants the satisfaction of winning by getting her in the bed.

Powerful men also spend a lot of time at work. That's how they got to be so powerful. Numerous studies have shown that interoffice romances begin because of the amount of time co-workers spend together in contrast to the time they spend at home with their spouses. Powerful men, full of stress and spending late nights in the office, find a comforting embrace or gentle massage enjoyable. Sooner or later that innocent rub on the shoulders becomes pencil cups and in baskets on the floor. The immense time in the office can drive a wedge between the man and his spouse. It can most certainly mess up their sex life. A powerful man working late with raging hormones and sensual thoughts is a bad concoction for a spouse at home.

Powerful men are rule breaks and risk takers by nature. No man ever achieved great power without taking risks and breaking rules. Cheating on a spouse accomplishes both. It's a tremendous risk for a man with great power to get involved in an affair. What was Bill Clinton thinking? He was driven by his power, his ability to make the rules, his impressive ability to take calculated risks and be successful. The very characteristics that allowed him to hide Monica under the table were the same things that made him a world leader. It's the nature of powerful men to break rules and make new ones. I did not sleep with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky. He set the new rule that only intercourse is considered sleeping with someone.
Powerful men by the nature of their lives are susceptible to cheating. It will take the strongest of character and even stronger spouses to contain the outside world in order to preserve the intimacy of a relationship. A man of great power has set his own rules defined by his own desires. The man of great power makes the rules. He doesn't abide by them. So it is sometimes easy to for him forget the number one rule of marriage, which is fidelity.

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