What I've Learned from Beyonce

Many years ago when Beyonce was a young girl and leader of Destiny's Child, I heard her say "I'll go wherever God wants to take me."  It was a short piece on Beyonce's life with her father, Matthew Knowles, as her manager.  The fifteen minutes chronicled the sacrifices and struggles that the Knowles family made in order to make Beyonce a global icon.  Along the way there have been thousands of stories and reports about Beyonce, on most of which she does not bother to comment.  I've seen stories about her making blood sacrifices, being a devil worshiper, a liar, a diva, a pathologically diagnosed Multiple Personality Disorder patient who lies about her age and the list continues. She's focused. She's silent. She's not stopping for anyone.

In recent years, people who share the air I breathe have lashed out and called me names, hurled accusations, used their business degrees, high school diplomas, and reality TV expertise to diagnose me with something...anything to make them feel better about standing next to me.  For many years I responded to each and every dart thrown my way. I provided "proof" to disprove the relative truth that dwells in their minds. Then, I realized that the time I spend on trying to undo their mess is time I could be writing my next book or developing new talk show material.

When I accepted that God planted a destiny and purpose in me to be fulfilled I got focused, really focused.  I knew WHAT and WHO needed to be exited from my life.  I did not have the courage to end those relationships or the tireless banter it would take to explain why.  So I let God do His work. "Get 'em out!"  That's when one by one, my "friendships" started to fail.  All the while,  I was happy, peaceful and contented because I understood exactly what was going on in my life. Consequently,  I maybe be seen as a "selfish, narcissistic, attention-seeking sociopath" because I do not miss relationships that God has removed from my life.  Some may consider me "ungrateful" because they feel they have supported me along the way. So let me take the time now to thank you for your service.  However, you are not longer qualified to hold my ladder.

One day, I'll be a global media personality planting seeds of love, hope, and endurance in the very same people whose brokenness will attack me. But because I am focused on my destiny and making the most of the gifts God has given me, I keep it moving.  I ignore the name calling and incessant obsession with my past mistakes. When frenemies get upset about who I AM, they start making calls to tell the world who I was- which is kind of redundant because that's exactly what I do.  There is a scripture that says what the devil meant for my harm, God uses for my good.  Dwelling on my twenty-something missteps only strengthens my brand.  It qualifies my current position that any woman can change her life drastically if she puts in the work to be whole, focused, authentic and learn from the world around her.

There is no story I won't eventually tell, I'll do my "Life is But A Dream" documentary one day. But even then, I won't spend time undoing fables and legends of who I am.  Just as Beyonce never really showed us whether or not she had her baby - because she doesn't need to do that. She's Beyonce and what a few miserable, broken people think of her hasn't stopped her journey. I'm sure she hurts sometimes, she's human. But she stays focused on her call. Thank you Beyonce for keeping me focused.

There are plenty of people who can't stand me now.  That kind of comes with the territory. But those people need to realize what God is doing for them by removing them from my life.  If you secretly hate me now, can you image what you'll feel like when God completes the work he has in me?

Don't fret. I'll always remember the good times.  It's okay I still love you, because... honestly... if I wasn't me, I'd probably hate me too.

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