The Love Funnel

Do you know why we exchange rings in relationships? It's not because we love each other and so we want to give nice gifts.  If that were the case we could exchange watches.  It's also not to signal to the world that you are off the market. There is nothing about that ring that keeps people from approaching you. In fact, sometimes it has the opposite effect.  We exchange rings when we attempt to enter a committed relationship to remind ourselves - not others- that the circle on our finger is never ending. It goes on and on, round and round. There is no beginning and no end to a circle. Just as there is no beginning and no end to true unconditional love. 

Can you imagine if you wore a triangle on your finger? How annoying that would be. I have a few bracelets that are odd shaped with angles. I always end up taking them off by mid-morning because those angles get in the way of what I'm doing. Though a triangle has no beginning and no end, it is not as smooth, continuous, and functional as a circle. 

What if the tires on our cars were triangles? We would have such difficulty moving forward. What if our pupils were triangles? Our vision would be grossly distorted. The world on which we live is round. The sun that provides our light is a circle.  There's something special about a circle. A triangle - not so much. 

So, I refuse to acknowledge three people in a relationship situation as a triangle.  I prefer to call it a "love funnel".  A funnel has three points- looks like a triangle- when you look at it from a 2-dimensional view.  However, the bottom point of that triangle has a hole in it. It leaks. Just as someone in that love triangle has a hole in them. No matter what you pour into a love funnel - the effort, the time, the money, the genuine, unconditional love - it will leak from the point with the hole in it. 

If you plug the hole, all the things you pour into it will remain and fill up the funnel.  As the time, effort, and love you pour into the funnel begin to build, you watch it increase. But you can only watch this from above the funnel. The view from above a funnel is, ironically, a circle.  So, if you plug the hole in a triangle (funnel), you end up looking into a circle (ring). A circle that can remind you of light, love, fidelity and truth. 

If you haven't figured it out - the hole in that love funnel is you. Otherwise, you would not be involved. If you are involved in a love funnel, full of dishonesty, fear, and selfish indulgence then there is a hole in you. 

If you are a woman and you know he is in a relationship, you have a hole in you.
If you are a man and you know she is in a relationship, you have a hole in you.  
If you are a man and you have a wife and a girlfriend, you have a hole in you. 
If you are a woman and you have a husband and a boyfriend, you have a hole in you. 
If you are single and you know that person is consistently cheating on you, you have a hole in you.
If you are single and you cannot manage to stay true to the people you are with, you have a hole in you.  

HOLY Cow! That's a lot of holes. But it's okay because we all have had our holes. I'm not going to tell you how to fill it.  I filled mine with the love of God and learned to love myself unconditionally. Once I did that. I could unconditionally love everyone else God created in a healthy, functional, respectable way. Sometimes that means leaving in love or staying in love or resting in love or waiting in love or just living in love.  No matter what you choose to do. In order for you to get out of that triangle and into the winner's circle, you've got to plug that funnel and fill that hole.  

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