The Forgiveness Secret

Love doesn't hurt you.  But people do. It is inevitable that when you have a relationship with someone as a friend, lover, or family member that you will get hurt.  We are flawed human beings trying to live together in some sort of defined relationship - how we relate to one another. Yes, I've been hurt my fair number of times.  Those twenty-something years were full of painful lessons that taught me to become the fierce and fabulous lady I am today.

Those lessons also taught me how easy it is to forgive.  You must admit to yourself that it is much more difficult to stay angry and resentful towards someone than it is to move on with the relationship or to move on with a peaceful life without the relationship. If you truly search your heart for how you feel, you are probably not angry. You are hurt. Because you are hurt, you want to remain angry and put sufficient energy into to doing that.

I am an ambassador of God's love.  As a child I was empathetic towards everything and everyone around  me. When someone else hurt, I hurt with them.  When someone was sad, I cried with them.  As I grew up I worked hard to change this trait in me because it allowed for family and friends to take advantage of me.  The guys that dated me during that transition really paid the price.  I was a bundle of unforgiveness.  One wrong move and I tossed you out on your matter how fine it may have been.

Since then, my life has come full circle and I have learned to embrace who God has made me. He has made me Love. Yes, I get angry and hurt. But very quickly, the love that is in me takes over and I have forgiven.  What's the secret? Focus on today.

If I focus my thoughts and feelings on today, it is easy to forgive. I may have been angry with you yesterday but today you have done nothing for me to be angry. So I am no longer upset. And because I ignore my ego that tells me to "hold my own" or "stand my ground" I can easily let it go.  It's called a tressPASS so let it pass with the day.

It's easy to forgive when you are not worried about what the other person is thinking. Will they think I'm a push over? Will they take advantage of me in the future?  Those things are not in your control. Forgiveness is.

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  1. So on time, so on time! Sometimes its not that you don't already know but when you find your self back in a similar situation it's remembering to apply the principles! Thanks And blessings.