No Change to Spare

Yesterday I was walking up 125th Street in Harlem when a man asked me a question that rang in my head for the rest of the night.  "Can you spare any change, darling?"

7 days ago I turned 40...

Since then I have had two parties, one relationship defining conversation with my mate,  was in the hospital for 3 days, had a texting massacre that ended a friendship, ate about a dozen cupcakes, attended a little league game, and gave the graduation key note address at the Adam Clayton Powell State Office Building in Harlem. IN THAT ORDER. Change happens quickly and I have no change to spare.

Spare change. At any other time in my life a man asking for spare change would make me reach into my bag and hand him a couple of coins.  But after the last 7 days of my life the word "change" has much more value than a dollar.  Change brings about progress. It brings about growth. Change brings new beginnings and happy endings. So no...mister, I have no change to spare. I need all the change my life can bring so I can live full of joy and abundance.

2012 brought about my new focus on meditation.  For me, meditation is simple. I lay there and shut the hell up (literally), listen to what God has to say without asking Him for what I think I need.  I recently took a trip to Nevada to meditate for three days. It was my mini eat, pray, love experience.  During that time, every single thing that happened to me during the past 7 days I began to feel coming down the tracks.  So though I was affected by this week's events I was not surprised nor dismayed. In fact, I breathed a sigh of thanks for the heads up.  I welcome the change that is brought into my life because I know from change comes growth and satisfaction, wisdom and character.  I know this because at 40 I've been through quite a few life changes. I want even more. I want all of my change. Give it to me baby!!!

If you feel like you are stuck in a less than fulfilling life right now I encourage you to change it up. Change your life one decision at a time. Start taking the time to think and meditate on the things you want and how to achieve them. Start making the right moves to get it done. Make the changes that are sometimes hard to make. If you want to max out your talent, your potential, your have no change to spare.