The noun “winner” can mean the obvious “someone who wins” or the more pertinent informal definition: “a person or thing that seems sure to win or succeed”. The truth is that you cannot spot a winner in a crowd because being a winner is not something that can be seen. It is a bright light on the inside of person. A “winner” is the light that shines inside of you as you journey through life being “you”. No person, place or thing can keep you from being a winner – except you - because no one knows the rules of play but you.

A winner seems sure to succeed –which means in life, self, and the totality of living. Being a winner isn’t about trophies, championships, and material spoils – though we don’t begrudge the symbols. Being a winner is about being “you” - being whole in mind, body, and spirit to accomplish that which “you” were put here to do. That wholeness brings light and success to everything you do. If the only true competition on earth is the challenge to be “you” in a world forcing you to conform, then the way I see it, it is impossible to lose as long as you keep playing.

Since it is impossible to accurately spot you as a winner in a crowd, it is equally impossible to spot you as a loser. The only person that can be defined as a loser is someone who has self-selected the title. Only you know the criteria for being “you” and whether or not you are truly achieving at the goal of being “you”. Don’t let someone else define success for being “you”. If you were playing checkers you wouldn’t use the rules of chess to determine the winner. That would be insane. Likewise, you can’t use the criteria of being someone else to determine whether you win at being “you”. Some of the greatest “winners” on earth are unknown while some of the biggest “losers” are people we celebrate daily. You cannot truly see who’s who with your eyes.

Only you know if you are a winner in pursuit of your destiny. Are you winning at being you? If you don’t believe you are winning, consider how impossible it is for someone else to be a better “you” than you. Losing is impossible in these terms – unless of course you give up on the task. So if you think you are losing, develop your plan, look in the mirror and declare, “Winning!”

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