Love is Unconditional, Relationships are Not

The hardest thing to do is end a relationship with someone you love...truly love. True love is unconditional and remains long after a relationship ends. It is eternal. If you can say that you "used to love him/her" - then you never loved them at all. There is no such thing as "used to" love. If you truly love, then you always love.

Unlike love, relationships are conditional. The rules of a relationship are determined by what each individual is willing to allow in their lives. If you cheat on me, I may still love you but choose to end the relationship because I can no longer trust you. My love for you is not determined by your behavior...our relationship status is.

Despite loving you deeply, I may need to end the relationship because I love me too. Living without someone you love is painful and so is living with someone you love who continuously causes you pain. There are no hard fast rules to relationships. Where one couple will dissolve another may thrive and become stronger. It's an individual decision.

The most important thing to know is that love and relationships are two separate things. Love is spiritual and eternal. It is, most often, uncontrollable. If you keep going back to a bad relationship because you love the person. You will be in that cycle for the rest of your life because true love never ends. Relationships do.


  1. Im glad you said it. I never understood when someone said "I used to love him/her, we used to be in love, I don't love you anymore, etc..."

    But I guess love means different things to different people is why they stay in horrible toxic relationships.HAYELL NAW, Life is too precious to waste it. Relationships are a dime a dozen, I choose the rarity of Love.

  2. You hit it right on the nose, how much are you willing to take before you say enough is enough. Who do you love more, the person or yourself? And yet a hard decision to make, self respect and happiness are more important than loving someone, in other words, DUECES!!!