Success is A Hard Choice

I fly high with eagles and so my vision is keen. God created me with a large portion of empathy...which is truly a gift and a curse. I try to help others fly high in their own paths but once I see you are more comfortable with the pigeons or you think you can get waaaaay up here by talking instead of walking I have to let you go. The evidence of your effort surrounds you. Look at your life. Are you where you want to be? If not start with just a few simple things.

First, get your heart right FOR REAL. Until you can be real with your internal feelings the rest is futile. Stop saying you are not a hater because that burning feeling when you see someone in abundant peace and joy is hate. That urge you have to criticize the personality and choices of someone who is happy with themselves is hate. Once you can keep it a hundred with yourself, which is hard to do, then you have to begin making the hard choices.

Re-evaluate your friendships. Get rid of people who pull you down and aren't on the same plan as you. If you love Jesus and they glamorize Lucifer it isn't going to work. If you believe in hard work and they believe in "fake it til you make it" then you have to cut them loose.

Re-prioritize your family. Your extended family has made choices that may differ from your own. You cannot pull them along to your detriment. That includes freeing yourself from financial and emotional bondage caused by the choices of others. When your sister chooses to pay her $600 car payment and asks you to pay her rent, say NO.

Learn to sacrifice. Have a savings plan to get what you want and need. Buy property before your luxury car. Everyone knows I love shoes, bags, and things. But I bought my first single family home at 29 and my first town home at 27. After that I bought my Benz, BMW, Volvo and other non-appreciating assets like Louis Vuitton bags and Chanel sandals. Prioritize! ( if you have that burning feeling right now, you need to check yourself)

Do not be led by your feelings. Feelings are over-rated and I have never met a successful person who always chooses fun and feeling over doing the hard work. When you "feel" something take the time to research, plan, and evaluate if your "feeling" is substantiated.

Be resilient. You are going to suffer set backs along the way. You may take a well meaning detour or two but do not lose focus on what you want for your life. Protect your destiny at all costs. Life is real and real stuff happens. Keep your head out of the clouds and your mind set in faith to achieve all the you want to achieve. Keep making hard choices to get back on track. DON'T EVER GIVE UP!

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  1. Its the right time I read this, in the direction im headed.Proud to have you and like minds nearby.