Nature, Nurture, and Your Fabulous Self

Who are you?  You are a combination of your life experiences and the genetic pool that was constructed before you ever hit the blue drape. You are...who you are and you should love it. At a minimum, you should accept it.

During my so-called "childhood", I was immersed into adult scenarios, situations, problems, and predicaments. But don't shed a tear for me. Those same scenarios helped me to realize that I was a relatively privileged child. Despite all of that "stuff" I had an adolescence filled with fun, laughter, learning, and confidence building experiences. I was blessed to have parents who demanded only the best from me academically and socially. I had an extended family and friends that adored me, building my confidence with every passing year.  My brain was trained to compartmentalize life's issues while driving toward achievement of  my goals. These are life skills I use daily. Nurture.

I was also created with what I consider a pretty damn good set of genes-minus a few health related mishaps and this hideous pubescent male bellow I have for a laugh. My innate intelligence is an inherited trait that was nurtured into something great because my parents recognized my cognitive ability. My IQ is....none of your business. But it's more than a hundred points higher than my age- which is also none of your business.  Don't forget the American myopic standard of beauty, by which I am considered one of the "beautiful people".  Nature.

It's not nature vs. nurture. It's nature AND nurture. Together, in perfect balance, they make you who you are and you need to start appreciating the time God took to make you special. Stop complaining about your parents. They were just the two people to give you a cleft chin, long eyelashes and screw you up enough to build some critical problem solving skills. I know you grew up poor, but  now you are thriving in this "recession" because you learned to hold on to a dollar bill so tight that President Washington screamed.  You are quirky. We all are. You have some "stuff" from your nature and "issues" from your nurture that make you the perfect candidate to be YOU.  If you have things you want to change about yourself, go ahead and try it. But if it doesn't work out, don't beat yourself up about it. You are who you are and who you are is who you were created to be. Got it? Good.

Tell 'em Kamryn said it.

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