Women Can Be Difficult. Duh!

20 plus years of friendship and still going strong

I am so blessed to have loving, supportive, confident women in my life. My girlfriends are FABULOUS!  It's unfortunate that all women don't realize how powerful, beautiful, and marvelous it is to be a woman. Instead, they choose to be… "difficult". 

  The Bible says it is better to live on the corner of the roof top than to share a house with a quarrelsome woman. (Prov 21:9) I classify difficult women by the kind of bag they carry...

The Trash Bag  Girlfriend has been so demoralized by men that her esteem is five below zero.  She thinks so poorly of herself that for a large pizza and a six pack of Corona she is yours for the night. Daddy didn't love you. Mama didn't want you. Poor child, I wish you loved yourself.

The Paper Bag  WEAK! Whiners carry the paper bag. If the slightest amount of pressure is applied to her life, the bottom falls out from beneath her and the drama begins. Watch out Paper Bag! You are the perfect target for “Captain Save-a-ho" and he ain’t nothing nice.

The Plastic Bag  Mami, we see right through you. You don't know who you are. As the crowd goes you follow.  You can't answer the question, "you want fries with that?" without looking to your social circle for help.  She needs to take some time to build her own identity.

The Punching Bag  This woman cannot stop running her mouth, woofing about who and what she is going to do. She talks  a good game and prides yourself on beating down the esteem of others.  You let everyone know that you don’t need us and you can “do bad by yourself”. You are busy trying to earn love and respect, through fear and intimidation. How’s that working for ya?

The Knock-off Bag  Exactly!!!  Girl, keep it real.  This woman is always talking about...talking about doing something, but never accomplishing anything. She can lie between raindrops. I certainly understand  the whole “fake it 'til you make it”, but I  just can't take it anymore.  You used to date Jay-Z,  Dwight Howard, and Barack...I got it.  USED TO!  There are girls you marry and girls you don't. You would be the latter. No man is going to spend the rest of his life chasing your waterfalls.

The Diaper Bag  He's not your child he's your mate.  

The Gym Bag  You can't carry your stuff to my house, dump, and then leave me all stressed out.

Miss Money Bags   You can't buy true friends or true love.  If we like you, we like you. If we don't, we don't. 

The Dirt Bag  You’re a grimy hood chick and I know you will “do” me in a minute if it benefits you.

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