Is your iPad is better than my vagina?

I have seen it all. I read a commentary In the New Yorker that said we are becoming a sexless nation due to technology. Apparently the former nation of bra burners and free sex has become libido-less with free text messaging. Does a man really prefer the smooth feel of his new iPad than that of my chocolate thighs? Maybe.

These days your man can have "sex" with a cyber babe that doesn't talk back or require reciprocity of orgasm. And ladies, that new Mac can offer pages and pages of loyal men who will be there every time you click in. If you are more the relationship type, Facebook and Twitter may garner you hundreds, even thousands, of people to talk to everyday. But what about human intimacy?

There is not a intel processor in the universe that can deliver the warmth and safety of a women's vagina. I don't know of any nations that will fight over an iPod touch, but decade long wars are fought over women. The very existence of technology is spawned in the pursuit of a woman's touch. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs continue their pursuit of success for one foundational reason...coochie! More gadgets, more money, more money, more power and prestige, more p&p leads to getting plenty of the other "P".

Think I'm lying? Ladies, the next time your man is in the midst of his most crucial moments of Call of Duty "Black Ops" unzip his pants and offer to give him a lil bit. See what happens. The creative mind behind Xbox will probably tell you that was the reason they started putting SSD cards in game consoles. ;)


  1. Interesting article!!

  2. You never know what you got, if you AIN'T got it. Good Love (or sex) is the gift that keeps on giving. Sad to say, its effects are similar to crack & cigarettes. It is a drug when given the PROPER dose. Yes technology has far advanced now days to obsess ourselves with our individuality and gratification, but there's never a subsitute, for good lovin body rockin knockin boots. lol.

  3. I hear ya T. Mill. On point, as usual.

  4. The problem ain't the technology its the woman. My wife is not second class cause she's the shit. If dude is that bored with her, she needs to find a dude that will want her. Maybe he's just not that into her.