Her Husband is NOT your Boyfriend!

Am I being a bit judgmental? Probably, Single women who refer to another woman’s husband as her “boyfriend” are delusional and quite frankly, stupid.  

Summertime is an excellent time for single women to see the true loyalties of their “boyfriends”.  Cheaters show you their priorities.  If he is hiding the affair from his spouse then the spouse is the priority, not you mama. Try this test. Ask your “boyfriend” if he will take you to a local restaurant where he can be seen - say a neighboring Applebee’s. See what happens.  If he looks at you like you have three heads and no brain, then you have a clear answer that you are merely someone he’s using to pass time. 

If he passes that test, good for you. Try again during the holidays.  Holidays, like no other time, should give you a clear understanding of where you fit in the picture. Did you spend Valentine ’s Day (not the day after or the day before) together? Christmas day?  If he never makes time for you on important days, he is NOT someone you should be planning a life with, baby girl. Think Kenneth/Savannah in “Waiting to Exhale”.

If dating married men is what you want to do, then be sure that you understand your position as understudy. And no matter how long the affair lasts, don’t ever think you have a future with him.  Only one percent of affairs end in marriage and of those only five percent remain without divorce. Not exactly strong odds for you, girlfriend.   If you decide to do this - for heaven’s sake don’t try to compete with the wife and DEFINTELY don’t compete with the children’s quality time.

It is summertime. It’s a time for love and laughter but you, my friend, will spend many lonely nights watching Desperate Housewives, while dreaming of someone else’s husband.  Please understand that this is YOUR choice. You’ve decided to share a man and play back-up quarterback when you could be a starter in someone else’s life.  When your girlfriends ask you how your weekend was.   Your answer won’t be “He went to Jared”.  It will be “He went home…again.” 

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