The End of Jealousy is "Lousy"

The Real Wives of Somerset County

I wish every woman possessed the assurance of self that she could be comfortable in her own skin.  You cannot let the beauty, grace, or perfect spiral curls of another woman provoke you to jealousy or desperation.  Your gifts and talents are yours alone. Celebrate them without infringing on the glory of the woman next to you.  You are fabulous in your own way. Find what you have that works and work it!

Look at yourself and find the uniqueness in your beauty and character.  Is a smile?  Your eyes? Are you a giver? Are you funny? Empathetic?  You have something valuable in you. Find it.  Do not set the value of your self-worth based upon what you see in the next woman.  Don’t measure your success against another woman. Define success for yourself.  You have a destiny that is all your own.  Your value has to be inside of you otherwise your self-image with shift with every passing season that your ankles swell and your thighs jiggle.  

People, who see me at this point in life, have no idea of the road I’ve traveled.  My story makes me who I am and if you want to be like me then you have to walk the road I’ve walked.  Trust me! It’s not for the faint of heart.  You may have known me since I was ten years old and have no idea who I am and how I got here. Ladies, be careful of envying another woman’s world.  You may not be built for it. Stay in the lane God created for you. That’s the lane where you will win.

If you measure yourself by your God-given potential, you will protect yourself from the hateful venom that often spews from feminine jealousy. This jealousy will inevitably stifle your relationships because you won’t be able to stomach being around confident, happy, successful women.  If you are not happy with yourself then you are unable to be happy for anyone else. You should rejoice in the beauty and success of all of your girlfriends.  But first, learn to rejoice in the beauty of you. Otherwise that jealousy could end up “lousy” for you and everyone around you. 

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  1. You are absolutely correct.. The world is never bright to those who cannot confront or conquor it. They allow their own self hatred to manifest into jealousy. Take out those giant sissors and sever the unhealthy connection.
    Terry JK