I'm Sorry My Day is Better Than Yours (Not really)

If you didn't have any money, would you call up all your broke friends to go hang out?

Recently I had a conversation with a chick that was very annoyed at the fact that I never have a bad day. First of all, that's not neccessarily true. I have days that don't go the way I may want them to go.  For me, a day without dirt thrown on my casket is a workable day. I mean, you may have kool-aid and no sugar or peanut butter and no jelly....at least you've got something to work with for the day. Even a bad day has aspiration for getting better.

On the real, loving myself and my life is something I learned to do when I stopped letting the opinions (and words) of others dictate the course of my life.  "If I were you I would do this."  "Well, most people do that." If you have lemons make lemonade. I take it a step further and throw a little Grey Goose in mine to kick it up a notch. But that's just me... If you want to sit off in the corner and suck on your lemons all puckered up in the mouth then I won't bother you. But don't be mad at me.

People have been very vocal with criticism and judgement for the decisions I've made. One day I realized that these clowns would trade places with me in a New York minute. Hell, half the people who criticized my choices fought over the scraps I left behind. I looked back one day and realized that the ability to love what you got and make the most of it was a skill that the masses envy. I'm the type of girl that if you steal my shoes off my feet I will:  a) go buy a flyy pair to replace them b) chase you down and get my -ish back or c) turn walking barefoot into a hot new trend worthy of TMZ coverage.

Misery loves company is a cliche' but that doesn't mean that it's not true. For those of us with the "glass half full" mindset, it's counter intuitive to be miserable and surround yourself with other miserable people and things. Hell, if I'm miserable I want to be around the happiest people on earth. I'm taking my ass to DisneyWorld or something.

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