The Mother You'd Love to Be

I've finished the manuscript for Butterfly Falls and I'm working on my third book, "Chocolate MYLFs",about a group of flyy ass suburban moms who are banging more than rugs against the side of the house.  Being a MYLF doesn't mean you are banging the entire block, so don't be concerned about your reputation for reading this blog. I'm certainly not concerned about writing it.  Being a MYLF means you CAN bang the entire block if you so chose to do that. 

Let's face it. I'm not the minivan driving, loafer-wearing, ponytail holder mom who bakes cupcakes. I'm the  BMW fast driving, showing a bit of cleavage, lip gloss on point mom who bakes creme brulee, cherry cobbler and cupcakes from scratch while wearing 4 inch stillettos.  Just because I'm a mom, doesn't mean I have to look like Old Mother Hubbard.  If Angelina, Demi, and Jada can still look like THAT then so can I. Ya heard?

When I became a mom I didn't loose my personality. I'm still the slick-talking, runway-walking chick I was at 22, but my game is much tighter (though my butt isn't) because I've learned a whole lotta stuff along the way.  I just finished a radio interview and the host called me a "relationship expert". Hmph!  I suppose I am if you consider all the toads I kissed and lily pads I crashed. Men, including those that I am raising, tend to be my specialty. I am surrounded by men who love me (and whom I love) and consequently I can find something redeeming in every man, even if it's only his ability to fix my catalytic converter.

Being a mom doesn't need to be wrapped up in silk scarfs and jogging pants.  Your ability to cook, clean, take care of your children is not hinged upon how benign you can make your look and personality.  I'm  a mother and it's okay that I'm a mother you want to...yeah.  It's natural. After all if mothers didn't [F] then they would have never become mothers.  Exactly!!!!

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  1. Preach sisita, from one MYlf to another!