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I'm a bit of a romantic and a bit of a cynic when it comes to the whole "soulmate" thing.  I have a fundamental problem believing that there is only one person on the planet that is meant for you. However, I strongly believe that two people can be "made for eachother". The law of attraction says that if you believe you will find love, you will.  True, but here are some guidelines to help with the process. 

#1 Look for someone you can live with, not someone that you won't be able to live without

So many people fool themselves into thinking that they are supposed to find a perfect mate, rather than a perfect relationship. A perfect relationship is one that works for you. A perfect mate has yet to be created. When you are out there on the dating scene, you should know what things are on your "NOT" list (see#4) and anything else is worth exploring. If smoking is on your NOT list, then you shouldn't even begin a relationship with a smoker. However, if he doesn't smoke but he bites his nails, it may be worth pursuing to see if it's a match. Be open to what comes your way.

#2 Don't expect love at first sight to last forever

Butterflies, sweaty palms and all of those things that happen when you are first attracted to someone go away. It's not that you don't love the person the same way. It's the way our bodies are made. We adapt to situations and surroundings. Your senses recognize the individual and no longer go crazy when he walks through the door. But you may love him even more than the day you fell in love. The laws of attraction aren't just about what you feel. They are about what you know and think about yourself.

#3 Be confident, secure, not desperate

Take your time and let the laws of attraction work for you. Don't start asking about marriage and talking about how many kids you want on the first date.  Don't bombard him with horror stories from your past dating escapades. Take your time and trust the universal laws of attraction to work in your favor. Remind yourself what a great person you are and it will exude from you making you even more attractive to man across the room.

#4 Don't Make Excuses

If you see something on your "NOT" list right! Don't ignore behavior that you would otherwise find inexcuseable if the guy weren't so darn sexy.  Turning a blind eye to character flaws like selfishness, jealousy, or anger issues will land you lying next to a super fine maniac that wildly turns you on. The sex may be great but afterward you'll need to sleep with one eye open.

Happy Hunting!

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