Emotional Affairs and Mental Blocks

MYTH:  Women have emotional affairs. When women cheat it's because they are looking for a connection.  Men think they know why women cheat.  I've often asked my male friends to answer one simple question for me: "If women only have affairs based in emotion and men have affairs based in meaningless sex, then who are these men having meaningless sex with?" ANSWER: Women who want good (and meaningless) sex

Women continue to perpetuate the myth of emotional affairs so that their husbands and boyfriends can continue to feel secure in knowing that nobody else is pushing up on his girl.  The last thing a man's brain can visualize is another man banging out his woman.  Many women have sexual and social needs that aren't quenched at home. Emotions are not anywhere in the equation for these women.  It's the thrill of the thighs that drives them to cheat.

Discussion circles often debate whether or not women cheat as often as men do.  No way! Women cheat WAY MORE often then men cheat.  Why? Well, for starters we have more opportunities to cheat.  We do not have to seek out opportunities to cheat because the cheating scenario often just, literally, falls in our laps. Women don't get caught because 1) men don't pay attention 2) men can't visualize their woman cheating 3) women are multitaskers who change their minds, opinions, and behaviors often. 

Men are creatures of habit. If your man gets up every day, brushes his teeth, puts on his tie and leaves the house. The morning he brushes his teeth and gargles with scope or goes without the tie you know something is awry. There are some women cheaters right now screaming...STOP KAMRYN...Stop telling them our secrets. No worries.  The habitual nature of men is indeed intuitive. You can tell your man that when he lies he raises one eyebrow and says "you know what I'm sayin".  The next time he lies he'll do the same thing.  He can't help it.

They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Naw, both are from right here on earth where life is as complicated as it gets in its simplest form.  Just sayin'.

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